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good morning. happy labor day. hopefully you have the day off. if not, we feel your pain. >> how are you? >> great. >> show everybody your bracelet. >> i'm not going to justin bieber. some people in line at 3:30 in the morning. >> another line at 7:00 to get up front. they had to get wristbands by 8:00. then they could go home and get their nap. >> was madison square show before or after this one? >> i can't remember, but he was sold out at both. >> that's good. race for the cure is coming up. early out of october. we'll tell you how to register. we have a great story here.
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amanda came in with her dad. we're going to find this cure. >> with it being earlier, i think it'll be better. october 3rd is the date. are we talkin' dating today? >> when is the last time you took your wife out on a date? >> saturday. >> okay, you guys are married, you've been married for decades, but it's tough to be single and tough going through the dating world, particularly in the beginning, you have all these questions, who pays for what? when do you call someone? joan allen is a dating expert, an author and she'll set the record straight when it comes to dating dos and don't. >> mortgage monday here with carl del monte. he has new rules. all those stories are just ahead. before we get to that in our hot topic, we want to start with
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breaking news happening this morning. this is out of randalstown, baltimore county police tell abc2 news there has been a police-involved shooting in the 9900 block of liberty road and the food lion. this is according to police. you're looking at a map of the area we're speaking about. the suspect was hit and was taken to the hospital. we don't have word on his condition. police tell us the officer wasn't injured. it's still unclear what happened in the shooting, but we have a crew on the scene of this breaking story. >> the state of the economy is once again in question. this week the president is going to be taking jobs in his latest economic rescue plan. it's all coming down again to politics. >> reporter: the president's new plan extending tax cuts is being
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called targeted initiatives. mr. obama will unveil his new plan wednesday in ohio. included as an extension and expansion of tax write-offs for business research costs. $100 billion worth. more money for infrastructure. the initiatives aren't expected to lower the unemployment number at 9.6% before the election. supporters complain the country's long-term economic problems aren't being addressed. >> there's too much debt. you need to give the economy a boost to get people out of it. but obama has had no vision. he hasn't articulated a philosophy. >> reporter: on the new plan: republican john mccain says the president is just flailing around. >> we always like to see death bed conversions, but if we'd have done this kind of thing nearly a couple years ago, we'd be in better shape. >> reporter: mccain admits republicans haven't offered an
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alternative and need a contract with america before election day. >> when you look at the approval ratings of republicans, they're just as bad as democrats. we have to give them a reason to vote for us. >> reporter: democrats are feeling the republican wave cresting. and are pulling out the big guns. former president clinton is on the trail and soon michelle obama will be campaigning. >> this is a time when you have to do the hard math, look at the numbers. either you're making a cut or you're not. >> reporter: the reason the democrats may pull money, a 6-point gap between republicans and democrats. 49 to 43% voters say they'd vote for republican rather than a democrat for congress. >> we want your two cents on today's hot topic. we always want to know what you think. we usually ask you to give your opinion on a story and we post comments on good morning
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maryland at 9:00. today on our wmar facebook fan page, we ask the question, is the government doing enough to help people get back to work? >> anthony write: it took eight years to break it, it's going to take more than two to fix it. it appears the economy is slowly starting to improve. >> we want to know what you think. head to the wmar facebook fan page. we'll share comments throughout today's show. good morning, everyone. happy labor day to you. we started out on friday, we had earl, after that, everything just went uphill from there. lots of sunshine over the weekend. on this labor day, we're doing more of the same. yesterday, check out the 78 we got into baltimore. oh yes, we'll take that.
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allatoona around 70 degrees. 71 pittsburgh. 76 charleston. 79 roanoke. it just gets better. if you like warmer temperatures, it'll be warmer today. i'm forecasting around 83 degrees. right now, we're right around 69 degrees into baltimore. little cooler into allatoona and pittsburgh coming at 57 and also 58 degrees. now we're looking at satellite and radar. we see showers and thunderstorms back off towards the north and west. won't inch down into our area, we have high pressure that will block out all that activity. maybe you'll be doing traveling for today or maybe tomorrow and we do have some stuff brewing out here into the gulf of mexico. it is tropical storm hermine. you know what? it's not going to affect us. we have good news. we had earl, we'll be done with it for a while. the last time i showed this, winds were sustained about 40 miles an hour. this is getting its act together, trying to strengthen a bit. intensify if you will. it is moving to the north at about 9 miles an hour.
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picked up forward speed as well. going to put this into motion, the forecasted path for this, to take a northwesterly jog. what's going to happen, the center of this could make landfall, i'd say maybe tomorrow morning, right around the northeastern part of mexico. the very southern tip of texas. it will dump a lot of rainfall. it makes landfall and like storms do, tropical storms, once they come in contact with land, they weaken and it'll just move off to the north. the biggest problem with this will be flooding. as we check out our forecast once again, we'll definitely stay dry. as we see a front moving through. putting more cloud cover to the area into wednesday. moving through, dropping temperatures down, back to the 81, 80 degree mark on thursday and friday. for today, that temperature around 83. mostly sunny and nice.
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into the overnight, 60 degrees, mostly clear. 85 degrees, mostly sunny and just a little bit warmer. let's send it back to you guys. next up: a personal story of how a couple never stopped believing they'd have a family one day. we get to introduce you to their miracle twins. we'll introduce you to a young lady doing everything she can to find a cure for a disease that took her mother. we'll meet amanda coming up next. the next person you meet could be the mr. or mrs. right. all it takes of is a gps system and a little advice from joan allen.
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starting a family, no doubt about it, is very exciting, but it doesn't come easy for everyone. this week we'll look at the challenges some couples face when trying to have children and the options out there for them. abc2 news linda sow has a story of a local couple that went through immense heart ache before welcoming their bundles of joy, take a look. [laughter] >> reporter: the sweet giggles, the crystal blue eyes and pudgy little fingers. life couldn't be better for this family, when their twins made their big debut 16 months ago, everything changed. >> it's changed for the better. we have somebody to play with
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now. [laughter] >> it was a happy, happy, happy moment. >> reporter: reaching that moment was a long and hard journey. joanne had fertility issues and was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease. a condition that makes it difficult to get pregnant. after consulting with her doctor at the fertility center, joanne went through invitro fertilization. >> i got pregnant immediately with twin girls. >> reporter: there were complications. joanne went into preterm labor, the twins didn't make it. >> they were alive for an hour each after they were born. that was hard. >> reporter: joanne finally gave birth to a healthy boy and girl. >> we waited almost ten years for this, finally we have it. >> reporter: now their days are filled with double the fun, double the trouble and twice as
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much to be thankful for. in annapolis, linda sow, abc2 news. >> great family, all right. amanda brannon was 8 years old when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. four years later' the age of 12 amanda lost her mom. she watched her mom fight the disease and fight for money to come up with a cure. amanda joins us right now. your mom raised $100,000 and you, by the time you reach 18, you're six years away from it right now, you want to raise $50,000. >> yes. >> so far how much have you raised? >> $9,000 last year and this year so far, $4,000. >> unbelievable. you do it every day don't you? >> yes. >> she has swim fest coming up on sunday. that's why we wanted to come in and promote the fact. swim fest will be like what? >> my goal is to have over 100 swimmers come out and swim.
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last year we had 80. this year, 100 swimmers come out and swim and get money from friends and family and come out and have a good time. >> you're a swimmer. >> yes. >> what's your best stroke? >> the breaststroke. >> of course. arena club pool on sunday, then september 19th, tell everybody what you're doing. >> i'm hosted a crab feast at price's seafood in havre de grace. >> then you're holding an-- >> eat out night. >> at the tower, then race for the cure. >> seems like every day you have something planned. >> yes, yes. >> what would your mother be thinking? >> i think she's very proud of me. actually i know she's very proud of me. >> what do you say to others in their teens? you know, to tell them to get involved in what you're doing? >> i think race for the cure and susan g. komen is very important to everyone, but especially kids
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my age. i think they should follow, they should look up to me and to my mom and to follow in everyone's footsteps to raise money. >> do you know how tough it is to go out and raise money? ask any professional, it's a tough, tough job. but you smile and do it for your mom, that's why you're raising the money you are. you'll break that goal before you're even 18. >> thank you. >> where do you go to school? >> st. martins. >> what grade? >> i'm in 8th grade. >> thank you so much for joining us. can we do it again? let's put up the swim fest information, on sunday at the arena club. then we go to, the crab feast on the 19th and eat out night at the tower on main street and race for the cure. how many do you have for race for the cure so far? >> on our team we have about 15 so far. >> well amanda, we'll see you in
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a week when you come back. race for the cure, coming up on sunday. little earlier this year on october 3rd. we're going to do it, right? great job, amanda. >> your mom is very proud of you. if you want more information on that we'll put it on our website. there's an old fashion way, match making, blind dates and online matches. coming up: get ready for gps dating. why just a phone, a profile and your location could find you the love of your life just around the corner.
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following your heart to true love. that's so last century. today, romance seekers are just turning on their phones. we hear a growing number of singles are logging off the internet dating sites and using a gps application to meet one another and then falling in love. >> reporter: when online dating made it save you in the 1990s, it spawned a hit hollywood movie, dozens of websites and a whole new way to meet and fall
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in love. but now say a growing number of singles, those once modern sites are so last century. there's a new way of dating in town. gps dating. gps, the technology responsible for the sound of this "in .1 miles turn left." is now responsible for the sound of this. [wedding theme song]. brian used a gps dating application on his cell phone when buying a cup of coffee in the time warner shopping center. i saw him on, and it really cut my attention. >> she was down two floors beneath me. she was like, c'mon down, come say hi. >> reporter: singles can now
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find out who else in their immediate vicinity is looking for a love match. if a profile is appealing, a would-be romeo or juliet simply has to send someone a text. if there's a mutual interest, they can meet within just minutes. >> reporter: the advantage of gps saving is it doesn't take as much time as internet dating. internet security experts warn the potential disadvantages are considerable. >> somebody knows your location, they just tap you on the shoulder and all of a sudden you're having a conversation with this person and you don't realize how they know about you. >> reporter: scout takes pains to make certain the exact street address from where a person is messaging cannot be determined. >> no one can ever figure out exactly where you are. you have to tell the person, let's meet on up. >> reporter: he encourages people to use common sense when
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using gps dating, like agreeing to meet in public locations and when in doubt, to meet dates with friends. to find out how effective gps dating is, we recruited four women to test the new technology. within minutes they found dozens of potential suitors in the general vicinity. >> he's already commenting on her name. >> on my username. >> reporter: while there was plenty of flirting, our ladies didn't find anyone they actually wanted to meet. >> when we spoke an hour ago, you were open minded wanting to try it out, are you still wanting to pursue it? >> yeah, i mean sure. >> reporter: two years after meeting on a gps-facilitated whim, they flew to paris and he proposed.
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>> i never thought it would happen like this. i never thought i'd find someone. >> so far the most popular cities for gps dating, new york, san francisco, but the trend is growing quickly nationwide. >> to each their own, i guess. if you talk to any single person, they'll tell you it's not easy. it's tough to meet someone, and when you do there, are so many questions. how do you meet somebody in the first place? how do you ask people out? who pays? our next guest is an author, match-maker and dating coach, joan allen. you've seen her all over. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> what did you think of gps dating? >> i like it, it's immediate. you can make a decision real fast like internet dating, you might have to make plans and it takes the process can take a long time. this is right then. go for it. >> now we could do a whole show on you, everybody says that dating is really, really tough. i'm sure you get all the same questions.
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once you meet somebody and first start, it's really a matter of doing things the right way if you want a second date or third date or who knows how many more from that. one of the big questions is, who pays? >> big question. i talk to a lot of single people. i interviewed 200 single people for my book celebrating single and i think you keep it simple. you meet at a starbucks or a coffee shop, order a cup of coffee and the man pays. if a man can't afford $1.75 at starbucks for the ladies coffee, he shouldn't be dating. i understand it's a tough economy right now, but that's just a question of manners. >> what if the woman approaches the man and says, can you go out for a cup of coffee, should the man still pay? >> i think so. what's to come? is the person kind? generous? does he have manners? it says a lot about the man.
9:25 am
and i've spoken to a few single men who date a lot and they say "well, when i get there, she doesn't look like she did in her picture so i'm not going to pay." >> do you think, is there, a cup of coffee is a good idea, it's casual, not expensive, let's say there's a second date, at that point and it is a little bit more formal, you go to dinner, does it matter who pays from there? >> you know, it just depends. i have a problem with ladies who suggest going to the most expensive restaurant in town. that's not right. that's bad manners too. it should be a mutually-agreed upon place, it shouldn't be expensive, i think the guy should pick it up and once you establish that you're dating, like five, six dates later, the lady can make him dinner, she can offer to pay, she can get movie tickets or theater tickets so there's a balance somewhere.
9:26 am
>> before we go, can you give us a dating do and a dating don't? >> ooh, dating do, keep it simple, meet in a safe place, um, a dating don't, uh, don't make the date the first initial date where you haven't met each other before. don't make it long, an hour, a half an hour even, this is just a meet and greet. is there chemistry there, go to the next step. >> all right, and maybe don't at first talk about controversial subjects. >> okay, well joan is the author of celebrating single. where can people get in touch with you? >> they can e-mail me. >> if you google her, you'll find all sorts of articles and information. you know, it's hard sometimes to see through what ends up being just another scam. we'll try to help you out with
9:27 am
tips on what you should always look for to keep you from losing money. today is a big day in the mortgage industry. the president tries to help those under water. could there be another new home buying credit on the way? >> before we go to break, if you're trying to land a job in this tough economy, we're trying to get you back to work. each wednesday on good morning maryland at 9:00, we'll put three video resumes on the air. we'll call you to come in and tape a 20-second video pitch we put on the air and on our website. watch us wednesday and you'll learn more about it. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens.
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let's get back to your two cents on today's hot topic. on our facebook fan page, we asked you, is the government doing enough to help people get back to work? here's what june wrote in: why not send the unemployed back to the jobs they lost and
9:31 am
strengthen these jobs? if you'd like to share your two cents on today's hot topic, we'll share some comments throughout the rest of this morning's show. we've all fallen for deceptive ads that lure you in with low prices, big promises, but joce sterman has tips to help you see through the hype in this week's scam alert. from infomercials that claim you can earn thousands from home to service companies that advertise a low price, only to switch it up, we've all let deceptive ads suck us in. >> you have to take a breath, do not respond emotionally. >> reporter: false promises that sound too good to be true. >> that shouldn't be the primary reason you buy that item, because in the end, good chance you'll be disappointed. >> reporter: many promises for free trials often turn into
9:32 am
subscriptions or offers that come with an up front fee. speaking of blind-sides, barnett says be weary of ad trick number two, the bait and switch where you see a low price advertised, but end up paying more. >> if this price is really low compared to all the others, that's a good indicator you may not get what you're actually expecting. >> reporter: to avoid the bait and switch, ask for an estimate in writing when the service provider walks in. if it's higher than the advertised price, send them packing. you can throw out many of the testimonials you see as well. they're deceptive ad trick number three. >> a tool better business bureau uses, when we find a testimonial, we cut and paste, put it into the internet and it's amazing, all the other products and websites that pop up using the same testimonial. >> reporter: don't buy the success stories unless you've heard them from someone you know and trust. that also goes for big brands,
9:33 am
companies like mcdonalds and wal-mart often have their logos used even when they have no ties to what's being sold. >> some things you'll find going to their websites, people will actually post these scams and tell you out right "we're not part of it." >> and if you don't want to be on the losing end of a deceptive ad, do your homework and don't believe the hype. all right, carl del monte from freedmont mortgage is here. all right, a lot to talk about today. tuesday some big changes are coming. >> i feel like a broken record. it seems like every couple weeks i'm on here, more changes, more changes. that's the main product out. there what's happening now, tomorrow we talked about this last week, tomorrow goes into effect. new fha rules, they'll cap the loan amounts at 97.5% of the
9:34 am
combined loan value. both mortgages. if you're trying to refinance a first and second mortgage, they have to be under the 97.5% or you'll be locked out of an fha loan. >> why is this change happening? >> that's a whole nother topic. maybe the two were tied in, but you have to ask yourself, if they're lowering the amount people can borrow, how will it help underwater homeowners? they want banks to write down the balance. they want the second mortgage company to take $30,000 and write it down to whatever, maybe $97,000 in this case. so what will happen, that's at the taxpayer expense. also what they're doing, they're not including fannie or freddie loans in there. they're sold on wall street in all these cdos, which are
9:35 am
basically, tranches, different types of layers of risk. people at the most risky investments will get hurt on that deal too. we don't care about them. it's true. i don't really see, in a lot of commerce, we don't see this working too well, but it sounds nice. homeowners need help. right now the estimates about 20 million people under water. >> what about more tax credits? i know a lot of people say "i could use that help." >> the tax credit did spur some type of buying spree, but it was like a sugar high. it did encourage buying, but a lot of people say we're rewarding people who are going to buy anyway. it could happen after the credit was extended that it died. home-buying slowed down. i think it's a huge mistake for the government to leak this out right now. here's what's going to happen. people hear this, they say "i'm not going to buy then."
9:36 am
now you're stifling everything going on right now. right now $23.5 billion has been spent on this tax credit. home prices are going up a little bit. 5.6%, but we're still, we're still down like 20% from last year. so, it's inching up incrementally, but once again, my description is this, the economy's a jet with two engines, housing and jobs and both engines are sputtering out. i don't know if artificial stimulus will work. we need to make it easier for people to get loans and get some help. >> we really have to fix the job engine ones to make the housing work. >> if you have a job now, you can consider yourself fortunate. what if i get laid off, can i afford it. if many people want to buy a home, same thing, those things are all intertwined. putting housing in there and make it a ripple effect.
9:37 am
when you look at housing, realtors, appraisers, mortgage people, home depot, lowes, all these people. now we have a lot of lenders talking about more layoffs, which will hurt the economy more. it's ironic on labor day, we're talking about jobs, i hope things will get better and my personal opinion is if i was in congress right now, i wouldn't be taking it off, i'd be working on something. i think we have a lot of things to work down. >> well thank you for coming in. we always appreciate it. especially on labor day. if you have a question for carl, he's here every monday. e-mail your questions to next week the state primaries are full of candidates, all hoping to change the way washington does its business. we'll hear from another of those candidates hoping to see the end of the house of representatives and represent you.
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a gorgeous labor day with lots of sunshine in the forecast for you. let me show you maryland's most powerful radar as of now. we have all five sweeps on. things looking magnificent, chesapeake, we're at 72. 72 degrees, high temps at 72. 56%. the winds right now, 14. east, southeast and gusts up to about 17 miles an hour. check out this beautiful picture here, oh yes, of the harbor. lots of sunshine in the forecast, that'll continue as we go throughout the day. temperature at 69 degrees.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay.
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and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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thanks for joining us this morning, time now for our featured events. we get e-mails from people and pass it along. this is exciting: coming up, big announcement tomorrow: 9:00, baltimore's mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake, the new health commissioner and baltimore ravens running back ray rice will announce the nation's first ever healthy city days. get involved in making healthy lifestyle choices, providing dozens of free screenings, educational programs easily accessible like locations throughout baltimore. they'll announce this whole thing tomorrow at the cici jackson recreation center. did you know there's real housewives of bel air.
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these driven and ambitious women balance easy home lives demanding careers. the real housewives of bel air. >> they sound nothing like those bravo women. if you want more information, you can always e-mail us. our personal e-mail addresses are right there. you can send it to this time next week, we'll be talking seriously about voting in our state primary. >> we're going to hear from another candidate vying for the third congressional seat in our state. >> we'll talk about dating rules. what's this online dating rank. today to our top five cities for online dating is coming up next.
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on our facebook fan page: we ask you if the government is doing enough to get you back to work. >> one viewer says no. she feels helpless. go to our facebook fan page and
9:46 am
leave a comment. it's about jobs and the economy. now to our ongoing democracy 2010 coverage, next week we'll go to the polls to vote for our number of candidates running for seats in our area. we introduce you to some of those running for office. today, kelly swoope sits down with a number of candidates for sheriff. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me the single most important issue right now? >> the obvious answer will be crime. there are acts out there so horrific if you fall victim to them, you'll be changed forever as a person. i think that's why this race and law enforcement is so important. the robberies, the home invasions, the shootings, the stabbings, the gangs that we deal with, i think that impacts us more on a regular basis and the majority of those crimes
9:47 am
have won thing in common. that's drugs. >> what would you do in office yesterday that affects the greatest amount of change and true quality of life of your constituents? >> i've been proactive in my career and intend to stay proactive. the first is to target the street level drug dealers. these are the guys out there in these neighborhoods, majority of the time. they're the eyes and ears of the criminal world. we start targeting those guys, get them locked up and get things associated with the drugs off the streets. the guns, the drugs, the um, the moneys, make sure we get everything that's make them profitable out of the way. and more importantly, find out what they know. it's one thing to know what the police know and that makes us effective, but knowing what the bad guys know makes us even more effective. the other side is to be proactive in enforcement way. i want to develop a program with the police and the agencies in
9:48 am
the county, the state police, havre de grace, aberdeen and bel air, the local jurisdictions, couple us with the state's attorneys office and the board of education. and i would like to develop a program to target the parents. specifically the parents of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth-graders. these are the kids that have the, the biggest um, impact, could have the biggest impact on these um, age kids. these are the kids that fall victim to predators, whether the deviant predators or the drug dealers or being recruited in the gangs. this is where they're most um, can go from the good to the bad and i think that if we keep everything proactive and get the parents on board, so they understand you know, this is something as simple as the internet. these are the sites your kids are looking at. this is how things are transmitted, this is how easy it is to fall victim, the last thing we want is kids to be victimized by bull -- bullies or
9:49 am
become the bully. maybe, just maybe the next generation of police and parents and teachers wi4lb have a little bit better world to live in. >> i'm a three-year veteran of the u.s. army, i'm a graduate of the johns hopkins help, the police executive leadership program. i have my bachelors and masters degrees from the johns hopkins university. i've been with the sheriffs office for 22 years now, i've worked criminal investigations, patrol, internal affairs, member of the honor guard, instructor at the academy, but more importantly, i worked a great number of years um, investigating drug law violations. specifically a worked in an undercover capacity. i purchased drugs from hundreds of different people undercover. i've written dozens and dozens
9:50 am
of search warrants, i've written wire taps. i've been qualified as an expert witness in both state and federal courts. um, and i think this aspect sets me a little bit ahead um, of my competitors, i spent eight years on the swat team, um, as an operator. i've seen drug raids from both aspects. i've been the first one through the door as a member of the swat team and i've also been inside, buying drugs in the crack house at the same time the doors coming in. so i have a very intimate relationship with drugs and i think it will benefit me. >> in the short amount of time left, what's the single most important message to convey to voters? >> if you live in harford county, vote joe mekly for county sheriff. coming up tonight on abc2 news at 5:00: hear from greg bartos. tomorrow we'll wrap it up
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hearing from jim wilhelm. all that on democracy 2010 on abc2. cockledoodledooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken.
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between meat and mystery when they enter... the frozen zone. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery, just real, all white meat, made with 100% natural ingredients. perdue frozen chicken. all white meat. no mystery.
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good morning, everyone. it is labor day and boy, let's get down to business. let me show you what we have here. we have the game, maryland versus navy. the kick-off is at 4:00 this afternoon. lots of sunshine, mild, winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. make sure you get out there and enjoy that. right now though, 69 degrees into baltimore. still a little coolish up to the north and back to the west into allatoona and pittsburgh. 57 and 58 there. even cooler into charleston. 53 degrees. roanoke 63 degrees. philly around 68 and new york at 69. stellar day on tap for us. it'll stay that way into tomorrow. high pressure dominating our weather. we do see showers and thunderstorms back up to the north and west. we could see severe weather across that area. not going to make it to us. that high pressure is going to squelch it before it gets to us. we're talking about unsettled weather. if you're heading to the gulf of mexico, you'll get that there. we have tropical storm hermine
9:55 am
right now and the winds sustained at about 45 miles an hour. it's even to the north at about 9 miles an hour. it has picked up a little speed and strength. what this is forecasted to do is make landfall the center of this will be to the north and east of mexico, and also, right on the border there of texas, the southern tip of texas into tomorrow morning. it'll make landfall, of course it'll weaken once it does that. it'll bring lots of rain to that area. if plans have you there, hold that off until that gets out of the way. our weather, nice one today, tomorrow, by the time we hit wednesday, a cold front, but a dry cold front to move through the area. so with that, we're not going so see any type of rain, we'll just see cooler temperatures. if you don't like the temperature on wednesday, close to 90, it'll drop the temperatures back to 80 and 81 for thursday and friday. today though, 83 degrees. mostly sunny and definitely going to be nice outside. as we go through the overnight, still more of the same, 60,
9:56 am
mostly clear, light breeze. we can take that as well. tomorrow, we'll start to get warmer around 85 degrees, mostly sunny and i think you're really going to like the 7-day forecast as well. check this out, as we see you today, 83 degrees. 85 tomorrow and then by wednesday, that temperature is close to 90, that cold front moves through and it's going to drop those temperatures back down to 81 and 80. by the weekend, there's a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. we'll try to fine tune that through the week here. >> great-looking forecast. today's top five: we're talking per our conversation about dating earlier in the show, we had the dating coach and gps dating. top five cities for online dating this past center according to number five, washington, d.c.. >> number four, you have uh, chicago. >> number three: los angeles. >> number two: new york city
9:57 am
and number one: miami. >> i was thinking in miami you could walk outside and meet someone. everybody's single in miami. i don't know if it's a married city. >> new york city, of course, san francisco, they said uh, popular for the gps. >> that was popular for the gps. who knows. >> i'm single, i hate it, it's awful. i don't like dating. >> i think it sounds dangerous. >> i don't want anybody doing that. i'll see you when i see you. >> all right, we can see you hear tomorrow. >> can't date her, but you can watch. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a great labor day.
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